Col Chickpea - Equipment and Deployment Ops Commander

Maj Kira - K-9 Unit Commander

Our Story

Zombie Brigade

We go to great lengths to make your neighborhood safe. Our teams specialize in Nuisance Zombie Removal and relocation services as well. You can rely on us to get the job done. This is what we specialize in and we are the best at it.

Col Savik - Counter Insurgence Commander 

Zombies are depicted in a variety of manners. One thing holds true, we must prevent the infected from increasing numbers, eliminate Genetically Modified Organisms and food containing GMO's. 

Zombies are zombies right up to the point that they feed.  Now they are Nuisance Zombies according to the  (FZC) Florida Zombie Commission.  Continuous efforts have be made to prevent zombie feeding, but once they've crossed that line, they languish in the thought of more grub at your expense.

Born out of our love of this country, it is the leaders of yesterdays military that emerge to the top and take a stand against corporations that have fed us contaminated foods that brought on the zombie virus.  We must fight against the virus infected with extreme prejudice and stop the GMO manufacturers from continued contamination.