Zombie Brigade

Zombie Brigades Weapons Research and Development.  These weapons are "not real." Now, with the legal stuff out of the way, we custom make RPG's, Machine guns, Gatling Gun's, Laser Guided Smart Zombie Rockets and a whole lot more. Call or email us today to get prepared for the next Zombie Apocalypse or to get ready for your next Cosplay or Movie event!!!  louie@ZombieBrigade.com

ZOMBIE CANNON! ZOMBIE GATLING GUN! FIRES 3000 ROUNDS PER MINUTE WITH NUKE TIPPED 50 CAL ZOMBIE ROUNDS!Well, "if it was real." Contact us today to find out how to purchase this for your next Movie project or Cosplay event! Louie@ZombieBrigade.Com

Zombie RPG, "Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher."To view or  purchase, click on the photo to visit our Esty shop for weapons and more!!! ETSY SHOP

Need help building your Zombie AR, give us a shout! Email us with your questions and we'll be happy to give you some advice (free, yes FREE)! if we don't know it, we know the people who do.Louie@zombiebrigade.com