‚ÄčBecca's Place,Grantville Ga. "Z" is for Zombie at Becca's Place. Visit her Facebook page today to book your "Official Granville Dead Walking Tour!' She's awesome and her shop "IS TO DIE FOR." 

Mayor Jim Sells of Grantville Ga. He owns and operates Grantville Walking Dead tours. His building was used by the Walking Dead Studios to film the "Clear" episode with Morgan. This is a must see for any Walking dead fan. So click on the link to his Facebook page to book your next tour. You won't be disappointed. Please tell Jim that Captain Louie says hello! GrantvilleWalkingDead


Attention Venders, advertise your business here! Walking Dead fans are the brightest and most intelligent people on the planet. If you want their business, you need to be HERE!Contact Captain Louie for details on how to become a PREFERRED VENDER TODAY! Or 904-210-3100

Zombie Brigade

The Georgia Mercantile Co., Senoia Ga.  A locally owned shop in downtown historic Senoia Ga. Among the amazing products they offer, fans of the Walking Dead love their "Touring Dead Walking Tour." Walk from Woodbury to Alexandria in just two miles and through four seasons of filming locations. Its VERY EXCITING! Contact Julie and Michelle today.www.georgiamercantile.com


Located in historic Senoia Ga, the home of The Walking Dead Studios. My friends, Senoia Ga is "ground zero" for the making of The Walking Dead. Its the "governors" town of Woodbury. Plan your next vacation to Senoia and stay at The Veranda, owned and operated by Rick and Laura. It was built in 1906 and fully restored. The breakfast they serve "IS TO DIE FOR!" Please tell them Captain Louie says hello! THE VERANDA